5 Fresh Snack Ideas

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Dental Health

All that summer fun in the sun can leave your stomach grumbling, but how do you satisfy your hunger with something convenient, delicious, and healthy? From farmers markets to beach-side smoothies, we’ve got healthy snack ideas to keep your summer going strong. Here are 5 fresh snack ideas.

1. Fruits, Veggies, Berries for the Pickin’

When you’re looking for fresh snack ideas that are good for your teeth and your whole body, look no farther than the garden, U-pick farm, farmers market, or local fruit stand. Fresh whole foods contain lots of fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients that help to support your dental health. No time is better than summer for getting out and picking your own food when it’s ripe, juicy, and full of sun-drenched flavor.

2. Popcorn Isn’t Just for the Movies

Popcorn gets a bad rep, but it can actually be a healthy snack. When most people think of popcorn, they think of movie-theater-style popcorn, soaked to the core with butter. Try preparing your own popcorn at home, though, and swap out the butter for more interesting flavors. Sprinkle it with sea salt, cinnamon, or drizzle it with chocolate! The internet has nearly endless ideas for spicing up your popcorn while keeping it healthy.

3. Got Dairy?

The summer is also a great time to get out and get to know your local farmers! Dairy is awesome for dental health with all that calcium and protein packed into each serving. From farm-fresh cow’s milk to skillfully cultured cheese and yogurt to hand-churned ice cream, you’ll never want to go back to store-bought again! Ask if they have fresh eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast, too, while you’re there!

4. Mix and Match with Dips

What goes great with fresh fruit and veggies? Dips! Try pairing your bounty from the garden or farmers market with some protein-rich and satisfying hummus, tzatziki, cheese dip, or bean dip. Mix and match to heart’s content to find the pairing you like best.

5. Power Up with Chocolate

It may surprise you, but chocolate can actually be a good-for-you snack, too! Milk chocolate and chocolate candies often contain lots of added sugars, but dark chocolate actually has nutrients that can help to strengthen your enamel. Chocolate and a fresh glass of milk makes for an easy midday energy boost or quick recharge after a workout.

Remember to Brush!

Fresh snack ideas can help you to stay healthy while curbing your summer hunger, but make sure to brush well afterwards to keep your smile healthy, too! Making healthy food choices can help support your dental health, but to avoid cavities and gum disease it’s still important to wash away food particles and plaque by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste after you eat.

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